Sunday, October 6, 2013

Falling forward

The end of the year is near.  Not only is that rhyming but accurate.  While the end of 2013 is still months away, those months will go quickly.  One of the biggest challenges most organizations face is how to get things started again in January.  If you review your materials going out now and over the course of the calendar year end, they all emphasize giving by the end of December.  It is a natural deadline that is driven from an external source, so our pushing it is reinforced by messaging from the IRS, tax agents and each other.  

This is great for folks who are interested in supporting you at taxable levels and even for many who are not, because it creates a sense of urgency and emphasizes the need to make a decision.  That is good.  But what is the message you are creating for folks who don't give in that window or at levels that matter? 

Consider creating a set of messages that carry the message through to an objective or goal that ends or can't be achieved until well into the new calendar year.  This needs to be matched with segmentation that is likely not to give to you because of the end of the year but is likely to give.  The key messaging factor here is to consider why these folks give.  It is most likely not loyalty but case driven - put a reason and supporting facts together and get it in front of them on a consistent basis.

Doing so will create not only ongoing support from an audience that is not likely to give to you now as a result of the messaging that you are getting in front of them but also creates a consistent book of business that you can count on through the cold days of winter for support and participation.  


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